Let us start by making an HONEST statement. If a company tells you that they can GUARANTEE you 1st Place on Page 1 of Google then they are inevitably telling porkies! Many companies are misled by being promised results that sometimes cannot be achieved. WE do not make any unrealistic claims, but we have had CONSIDERABLE success in the process. MANY of OUR clients HAVE achieved Page 1 ranking on Google, enjoying positive results like increased sales and awareness, from our Advanced SEO Programme. What we do is as much as we physically can to get your site ranking, ultimately as high as we possibly can, on Google and all the other top search engines, whilst driving traffic to your site, plus we will show you the figures and improvements in detailed stats to prove it! So why don’t YOU reap the benefits of some Advance SEO today? We would also like to point out that unlike some, our SEO has no commitments or contracts, YOU decide, for how long and you can set your own budget.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Just because you have a website, it doesn’t mean you can just leave it and the sales will come flooding in. You need to maintain your site, just like your car needs servicing, to keep it working at its best and to flourish in the constantly evolving World Wide Web. SEO is a process to improve how visible a website or web page is in search engines, such as Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo etc, via unpaid, or by what is more commonly known in our industry as “Organic” submissions, in order to drive more traffic to a site. To achieve this requires a great deal of effort and time, optimising all the key components of a website, making sure the images on the site are the right size, checking that it is coded correctly and properly structured. We undertake a number of important tasks, such as checking meta tags and keywords, text density, page loading times and access the linking architecture to ensure the search bots can scan and recognise it. It may sound alien to you, but we are experts at achieving the desired results, so keep calm and let us make sure your site works to its maximum potential.

Why Optimise Your Site?

The Design and Development of your website are only the beginning of achieving online success for your business. Your site MUST be optimised and then submitted to the key search engines, if not the chances of your online business being found are remote. It is a fact that more than 70% of all e-commerce transactions originate from a search engine enquiry. If your site is not listed in directories and on search engines, it may never be found by the vast numbers of potential customers who use the internet to source new business. The main advantages of SEO is that it increases the chances of your business maximising its potential, plus it also brings people who are already interested in your product or service direct to YOU. Millions of online searches are done every month in the UK alone and over 85% of all Internet users find what they are looking for through search engines. S6 Creative will implement our SEO strategies to promote your web presence, to ensure that your site is found by as many internet users as possible.

Why Choose S6creative?

If you have read all the information above, you should realise that we are the right people to provide the BEST SEO for your site. Book your SEO Campaign NOW!!

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